pig|gy|back «PIHG ee BAK», adverb, adjective, noun, verb.
on the back or shoulders: »

a father carrying a baby piggyback. Flatcars often take trucks piggyback from one place to another.

1. of or having to do with the transporting of loaded truck trailers on flatcars: »

Piggyback traffic, hauling loaded trucks to the terminal nearest their destination, went up…to more than 250,000 carloads during the year (Austin C. Wehrwein).

2. on top of or supplementary to the main load: »

The 50-pound package of needles will be carried into orbit as a piggyback payload on an Air Force satellite (New York Times).

the transporting of loaded truck trailers on flatcars to the point nearest the place where the freight is to be delivered: »

Trucks often offer lower rates, too; rails fight back with piggyback (Wall Street Journal).

–v.t., v.i.
to carry or move by piggyback: »

The New Haven Railroad has been piggybacking trucks for several years on a limited basis in New England (Wall Street Journal).

[variant of pickaback]

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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